Nimish Dave

Director of Possibilities

Nimish combines deep industry knowledge with specialised expertise in strategy, execution, operations, performance
improvement and organisational transformation.

Nimish is obsessed with concept of elimination of waste and applying the power of LEAN to transform the effectiveness and efficiency in all business environments – leading to higher quality, better customer experiences, faster delivery, lower costs and higher profitability.
During a 25 year career in Business, Engineering and Manufacturing Management, he has established an excellent record as a proven leader and team builder and value creator.

He is a regular writer with a large social media following, also he remains remarkably passionate about creating an advisory profession and building better businesses.
He is a innovative strategic thinker with the ability to teach people very quickly how to apply ideas in practical and no nonsense manner.
Last but not the least Nimish is a story teller, entrepreneur and a habitual prankster. He is inclined towards entrepreneurship of mind, soul and startups , not necessarily in that order. He loves connecting the dots, breaking silos, glass ceilings and beliefs.

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