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Google India offers educational programme for summer vacations



BSE Alliance

Google india is now starting something new with the technological advancement amongst children by rolling out a brand new initiative targeting the little ones to make them more productive in their long summer breaks. ‘#SummerWithGoogle’ is the new program which is an educational programme but exciting to take on learning the use of futuristic tech to enrich young impressionable minds.

Google has come with a new idea to ensure that Indian kinds are utilising their time in a productive way or not. They have launched a new educational programme for both children as well as parents for this summer vacation. They will release one assignment every week which will consist of various Google products like Google Earth, Google Translate and Google Arts and Culture. This initiative is named as #SummerWithGoogle designed for teenagers between the age groups of 13-18 years to engage them in various productive activities involving the different products of Google.

These assignments will consist of developing an application to share their summer experience. “After four weeks, 100 children will be chosen along with an accompanying parent to visit our campus in either Delhi or Hyderabad to attend an interactive workshop. Sunita Mohanty, Google India Director said that this is the first time in India that such kind of programme is launched and along with that Google is urging for more and more parents to join along.

Google has written a letter to parents to come forward for this initiative. They say, “The road to the summer camp will include four assignments that will make the ‘summer of 2018’ last a lifetime.” Each of the assignment will teach the youngsters to be internet savvy and encourage them to make the right use of the search giant and its products. Though these challenges might be difficult but at least it is challenging and will also provide great opportunity for kids. It is like an internship of sorts which involves teaching the kids the way to use their products as well as designing their own.

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UGC let universities and colleges to offer online degree courses



online degree courses

UGC allowing top Indian universities and colleges to offer online courses including Online degrees courses and diplomas from the academic year 2018-19

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is a statutory Organization of the Government of India by an Act of Parliament which was made for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of teaching, examination and research in university education.

Now, made a landmark reform that Institutions under UGC regulations is now offering online courses from this academic session.  Universities and higher educational institutions from this academic session will be able to offer graduate, postgraduate and diploma programmes online in non-technical disciplines. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved the UGC (Online Courses) regulations for such degrees. “The regulations will be made applicable from the academic session 2018-19,” the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry said.

As this programme will also help in increasing the country’s gross enrolment ratio from 25.2% to 30% by 2020, the commission said.

The necessary conditions for universities to offer online courses are:

  • At least one batch should graduate from the course which a university is planning to offer in online mode.
  • Online courses that require practical/ laboratory work are not allowed.
  • Online courses should have at least four quadrants: video lectures, e-content, self-assessment and discussion forum. The quadrants are needed to ensure students clarify their doubts as and when required.
  • Exams for online courses should be conducted in proctored mode and in conformity with any norms directed by UGC.
  • Universities should be in existence for minimum five years and accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a valid minimum score of 3.26 on a 4-point scale.
  • Universities should be in the top 100 in overall category in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) for at least two years in the previous three years. However, it may be noted that NAAC and NIRF conditions are not applicable to existing government open universities.

For the verification of Indian and foreign students Aadhaar cards and passports will be used for all online interactions, including teaching-learning and examinations.


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BSE Alliance with IIT Madras to Sign MOU





BSE Institute Signs MoU with IIT Madras to Offer Joint Programme in Business Analytics which will offer in-depth knowledge of  key technologies used in analytics, machine learning, data, computing tools, etc. Read on to know more about the recent BSE Alliance with IIT Madras

Both BSE Institute and IIT Madras collaborated with the aim to offer a world-class education to the students with the new BSE Alliance They have signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) to start a joint program in Business Analytics. This program will help in converting complex data into a simpler one with the efficient use of Business Analytics. It will be a 1 year program (part time) which will only focus on analytics to make informed business decisions. The partnership will lead to opportunities for joint research and facilitate industry exposure for students of both the institutions. . It will provide excellent opportunities to students from both the cities who aspire to an optimal learning environment, with a diverse peer group and a global, lifelong network of trusted connections.


The MoU was exchanged at IIT Madras campus between Mr. Ambarish Datta, MD and CEO, BSE Institute Ltd and Dr. Ashok Kumar Mishra, Professor. Dept. of Chemistry and Dean- Academic Research in the presence of Dr. V. Kamakoti, Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras and Mr. Pradeep Chowdhary, Senior Manager, BSE Institute Ltd.

Business Analytics Program enables working professionals to get deep level of understanding of some key technologies used in analytics, viz. data mining, machine learning, visualization techniques, and statistics. With this program, one can convert the sheer complex data into a competitive advantage with the efficient use of Business Analytics & thereby fostering/supporting the decision making. The program is designed on a schedule that minimizes disruption of work and personal pursuits, spread over one year (part-time) focusing on an overview of the field of analytics so that you can make informed business decisions.

“As we enter the digital era, data holds the key. It is the next generation oil to fuel the economic growth of any Organization. This certificate program will introduce and train one on the fundamental building blocks required for high-end data analytics across all disciplines of applications including but not limited to legal, commerce, economics, engineering, science and humanities” said Dr. V. Kamakoti, Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras.

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 A new joint venture of KK Modi Education Group & Stratford University At Noida



Stratford University

Padmashree Anjolie Ela Menon Inaugurated the campus that is a joint venture of KK Modi group and Stratford University, along with other eminent dignitaries

Many Indian companies after attaining huge profits and substantial growth overtime are investing in the educational sector of the country with the medium of collaboration with foreign institutes. Some existing collaboration institutes are Gandhi nagar institute of technology with De mont Fort University in gujrat, Institute of hotel management with university of Huddersfield in Maharashtra, sr. institute of technology with university of Massachusetts in telangana.

Similarly KK modi enterprises after achieving huge profits and attaining a good market reputation decided to invest in the educational sector of the country. Their investment venture with Stratford University of the United States of America aims at providing good education with industry exposure to its students and graduates. Also it provides students and working professionals with placement assistance.

International educational methods with strong Indian values

KK Modi Education Group (KKMEG) & Stratford University inaugurated the New Campus of KK Modi International Institute, Noida. Conglomeration of these two also provide specialised courses in adult education. This institute also delivers online, classroom, and blended online classroom programs.

This Institue in India is created to offer residential American degrees in India. The legal name of the Indian Joint Venture is Modi Stratford Education Management (MSEM), Pvt. Ltd. The Modi Stratford Foundation is a wholly owned non-profit subsidiary of MSEM which provide the academic programs in India as an accredited campus of Stratford University.

Padmashree Awardee Anjolie Ela Menon and a leading contemporary Artist, S. Lakshminarayanan, Retd. Eminent Civil Servant, along with Dr. Richard Shurtz, President, Stratford University did the honour of inauguration. Also present at the inauguration were KK Modi, Chairman, Modi Enterprises and Ms. Charu Modi, Vice-Chairperson & CEO, KKMII-Stratford University.

The KKMII institute stands apart with the innovative and niche courses like Happiness course. With its Harvard Business study modules, the institute has found success in high corporate placement in companies like Genpact etc.

KK modi International institute has set an exemplary module in India which motivates other big organizations to start ventures in educational sector. Partnership with Stratford University, USA, provides the best of both worlds, the international educational methods with strong Indian values – An American University with an Indian soul.”

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